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Noni - Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Action

The Noni fruit has been a champion for  living a healthy life for thousands of years. Cultures throughout the world have valued Noni’s medicinal benefits for helping with illnesses and injuries.  This amazing plant has been found to have an abundance of nutrients that offer powerful and effective protection for so many health issues.

The Challenge of  Inflammation

There is a growing awareness these days that many health challenges are caused by chronic inflammation.  Inflammation is a protective process that is initiated by our immune system to help the healing process.  When you injure yourself or become ill with an infection or virus, your immune system jumps into action.   When your body activates your immune system, it sends out inflammatory cells. These cells attack bacteria or heal damaged tissue. A healthy inflammatory response includes symptoms of redness, heat, and swelling at the site of injury and pain and is an essential part of the healing process.

However, chronic inflammation is another story.  Chronic inflammation occurs when your immune system  continues to send  out inflammatory cells even when there is no longer any danger. For example, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory cells attack joint tissues leading to an inflammation process that goes on and on. The body never gets the message to stop.   This continuous inflammatory  condition causes severe damage to joints with on-going pain and damage to the cartilage.

There are many health issues that are caused by chronic inflammation, the list includes arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and depression.  It goes without saying that reducing chronic  inflammation is essential for healing and wellbeing.

Noni Helps Eliminate Pain of Chronic Inflammation

Noni fruit is an extraordinary fruit in many ways, but it’s most remarkable for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. It works right at the source of the problem to repair damaged tissues.

The use of Noni to help manage pain and inflammation has been recognized and a powerful anti-inflammatory solution by cultures around the world.  Noni has been effective in alleviating all kinds of painful conditions.  No wonder it has been traditionally appreciated in the Caribbean as “Pain Killer” medicine.

There are many reasons why Noni is so effective in dealing with pain and inflammation.  Noni has been found to contain many different kinds of phytonutrients. In fact, researchers have identified an amazing amount of health-promoting compounds in  the Noni fruit which have  great therapeutic value. It contains more than 165 health-promoting compounds and  phytonutrients. Noni is a source of many anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals, including calcium, sulphur, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus,  selenium, amino acids, fatty acids, B3, carotene and vitamin A. Noni fruit also has twice the naturally occurring levels of vitamin C than an orange!

Noni is one of the most complex and unusual fruits in nature. One of its unique and beneficial compound, in particular, has been scientifically evaluated for its anti-inflammatory and natural pain-relieving qualities. It is called scopoletin which is a phytochemical that performs many beneficial functions.  In addition to relieving pain and inflammation, it is able to normalize blood pressure, fight bacteria and regulate serotonin levels.

Noni has been proven in scientific studies to have a powerful impact on pain. In 2010, Phytotherapy Research published a study showing that preparations of noni “are effective in decreasing pain and joint destruction caused by arthritis.” The analgesic activity of noni fruit “reduced the pain sensitivity comparably to the central analgesic drug tramadol."

Another study published in Acta Pharmacologica Sinica found that Noni extract did not exhibit any toxic effects but did show significant anti-inflammatory and central analgesic activities. So significant, in fact, that it was estimated to be 75 percent as effective as morphine, yet totally safe and side-effect free.

One of the most beneficial features of Noni’s ability to reduce pain and chronic inflammation is that it actually supports the body’s ability to heal and repair, rather than just masking the pain.

These benefits translate into so many other important benefits beyond its  proven ability to reduce chronic inflammation. Noni helps to balance hormones, increase energy, improve sleep, enhance digestion, support weight loss, improve clarity of thought and mental focus, balance moods and much more.

Without a doubt, Noni is a superfood fruit with many important health benefits backed by modern science. One of the most  powerful ways to support your health and healing is to take Noni juice on a daily basis. With the help of daily consumption of Noni juice, it has been shown to support all the systems of the body to repair, regain balance and maintain healthy functioning.

With chronic inflammatory conditions on the rise, it is essential to understand  that Nature had provide natural solutions that not only alleviate the symptoms of chronic inflammation but  actually enhance the body’s ability to heal and repair.  There is a reason why the Noni plant has been valued by so many cultures for thousands of years.  It  is a wonderful gift from Nature that  helps to alleviate pain and suffering. Noni is Nature’s true panacea to help you to once again return to health and wellbeing.