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Tahiti Trader Noni Chia Yogurt

Tahiti Trader Noni Chia Yogurt

If you aren't a morning person, this recipe is definitely for you....it saves a lot of time prepping when you are trying to get your bearings first thing in the morning. You can change this recipe up quite easily by changing the fruit and/or granola to something else for variety!

There are many reasons to try this recipe...it will fill you up and give you energy throughout the day... boost your immune system as well as your metabolism....it's heart healthy, supports both dental and digestive health and is rich in antioxidants. So regardless that you can toss this together in a few minutes at night and have it ready to go in the morning.....it's super nutritious and delicious, which makes this the best recipe for a morning breakfast!

 Feel free to experiment, but some other suggestions are:

  • Strawberry yogurt with honey granola

  • Peach yogurt with coconut chips

  • Cherry yogurt with chocolate granola

  • Add other fruits like Banana, Strawberry or Blueberry!


 Click on the Video below to see how easy it is to make this wonderful breakfast!

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Tahiti Trader Overnight Noni Oats

Tahiti Trader Overnight Noni Oats

This is the best recipe for Overnight Oats....because adding Noni gives you the extra zing you need first thing in the morning!

Overnight Noni Oats with Cherries, Berries and Banana really gives you EVERYTHING needed in a nutritious wholesome breakfast.  You have your complex carbs to fuel your energy for a good portion of the day, your simple carbs for a quick get up and go, and the added Tahiti Trader Noni will put your body in balance and give you a sense of well-being to put you in a great mood!




Click on the Video below to see how Super Simple it is to make the best recipe for you and your family to have for Breakfast....you can double, triple or quadruple this recipe for as many as you need!

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Tahiti Trader Noni Pumpkin Breakfast Bites

Tahiti Trader Noni Pumpkin Breakfast Bites

These Breakfast Bites are the Best!

Everyone should start their day off in a nutritious....without skimping on the delicious....breakfast!

Mother's have it hard....having to prepare all the meals of the house and plan everything in advance and get it all ready to go....but in the morning, this can be especially hard to do....waking up...in an of itself is hard enough! Getting the kids ready for school, lunches and snacks packed and don't forget the drinks....as well as any paperwork signed and flyers read that come from school the day before....phew....that's exhausting just reading that!  
We want to make it a little easier for the Mom's of the household....as well as anyone else that wants it easy in the morning!  So we came up with these deliciously nutritious Tahiti Trader Noni Pumpkin Breakfast Bites!
(Recipe Card Below)
They are filling...made with Oatmeal, a great complex carb to start your day...for lasting energy, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, honey, almond butter and a little chocolate to add some sweetness, fiber and protein....and let's not forget this season's favorite..PUMPKIN! You can make in advance so in the morning, it is a grab and go situation!  
This recipe only makes about a dozen at a time, and trust me when I tell you, you are going to want 3-4 of these...they are so yummy!  So you can double or triple the recipe to have these delectable treats all week long! Great for the whole family....serve alone or with a little yogurt or cottage cheese to change it up a little!
Watch an easy video on how to make it below!