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Larry Logsdon
Tahiti Trader Noni CocoVin Dressing

Tahiti Trader Noni CocoVin Dressing

This is an amazing dressing that is so nutrient dense with Tahiti Trader CocoVin--the world's best tasting Coconut Vinegar mixed with Tahiti Trader Noni.  It packs quite a punch with nutrition, as well as being a fantastic tasting alternative to the everyday balsamic vinaigrette.  Plus, Tahiti Trader's CocoVin is made from Coconut Sap and therefore is the most nutrient dense Coconut Vinegar....3xs more nutrient dense than Apple Cider Vinegar with a milder sweet flavor too! CocoVin is Available at: Located in Riverside, CA (951) 364-4DBD (4323) OR Your Local:  

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