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Tahiti Trader's CocoVin...The World's Best Organic Coconut Vinegar!

Tahiti Trader's CocoVin...The World's Best Organic Coconut Vinegar!

While most of us have heard of apple cider vinegar and likely have a bottle of this health elixir in our homes, there’s another vinegar that is making a splash in the health community....Coconut Vinegar. Though this product is new to the U.S., it's very popular in Asia. Tahiti Trader's Coconut Vinegar is made from the flowers on coconut trees that produce a sap that is low glycemic index (35) and has an almost neutral pH, which makes it an alkalizing vinegar when ingested. The sap naturally ferments as it ages...once that process is completed, it is harvested, bottled, and ready to be used.

Tahiti Trader CocoVin is the Best Coconut Vinegar around. CocoVin is 100% Organic Coconut Vinegar with nothing added....completely Raw and Pure.  It is nutrient rich and it's benefits are surprising!

CocoVin…Benefits and Uses

  • Milder, Sweeter and Brighter flavor than apple cider vinegar
  • Strong Probiotic
  • Raw and Fermented Food
  • 3x’s more nutrient dense than apple cider vinegar
  • 17 amino acids
  • Vitamins like: Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus
  • Minerals like: B1, B6, B12, and Inositol.  Inositol increases insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar.  B vitamins are a building block for good health, playing a key role in keeping you energized and [maintaining healthy] metabolism.

 Great for beauty regiments… Try this: Soak a cotton ball with one part coconut vinegar to three or more parts water and apply as a homemade toner. Or for a hair conditioning rinse, add a few tablespoons vinegar to a cup of water. Apply to hair and let sit for a couple of minutes, then gently rinse (Make sure to do a patch test, as coconut vinegar is more acidic than apple cider vinegar, so it can be harsh on sensitive skin, and may need to be diluted more).

  • If Apple Cider Vinegar has proven antifungal properties, in part because of its acetic content, that means the even more acetic Coconut Vinegar could help with yellowing nails, athlete’s foot, and even dandruff.
  • Coconut vinegar can be used in the same way as any other vinegar.
  • Coconut vinegar can be made from either coconut sap or coconut water…Tahiti Trader uses coconut sap, which produces a more nutritious vinegar than that of coconut water.

Here are some of the common uses:

  • For cooking as part of the ingredients for a dish
  • In a salad dressing, for use in a marinade
  • Added to cold water for a healthy drink
  • Taken pure (1 or 2 spoons) for digestive benefits
  • In skincare routines

Asking yourself: "where Can I find Tahiti Trader's CocoVin?"

Your Local:


 or in Riverside, CA at:


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Nov 02, 2018 • Posted by steve

tried this vinegar and its so tasty it hard to believe its not tainted with other ingredients

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