Break Free in 2018 - Sugar Detox Plan

Break Free in 2018 - Sugar Detox Plan

Welcome to Tahiti Trader’s Break Free in 2018 - Sugar Detox Plan, where you can easily lose 7 pounds in your first 2 weeks from all your Holiday Sweets and Treats!  In your first two weeks you will learn what is causing you to gain weight, and what you can do to reverse that weight gain, and then permanently keep that unwanted weight off forever!

 There are Three Steps to your Easy Sugar Detox Plan:

  1. Cutting all processed sugars…it is what is causing you to gain weight!

  2. Detoxing from the sugars – and Feeling Great while you do it!

  3. Begin an EASY Fat Burning routine anyone can do (if you can walk, you can do this)! 

On this Page we will focus on the First Step

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Cutting all processed sugars - Sugar is causing you to gain weight... 

 For most people, consumption of sugar is the likely root cause of your weight gain… Sugar can be found in almost all processed foods, and in places you cannot even imagine. Sugar is dangerous for your health, because it is often times not needed by your body for energy, so it is stored as “belly fat”…and that is directly related to future heart disease, diabetes and other nasty health problems.

 Today the average person in US consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year vs. 7.3 pounds of sugar consumed per year in 1822.  That is 17 times more sugar than what we used to consume…and out health problems certainly reflect it. 

 What is causing us to consume so much Sugar?  

 Natural foods contain very little or NO sugars that are harmful to us, however since the Industrial Revolution of the 1880’s through modern times, we as a nation have continued to eat more sugar, and sugar laden foods because of more processed foods. 


Are all processed foods bad for us?

  No, not all processed foods are bad for us, but we have gotten hooked on them and food manufacturers know that if you get hooked on their stuff, you will continue to buy it, again and again. They know that you will become addicted to their foods, and be very difficult, if not impossible to break free, once you are started.

How does sugar hook us into addiction?

 Scientists tell us that Sugar is as addictive as Cocaine or Heroin!  That is because sugar triggers the release of Serotonin (your feel good hormone), 

And everyone wants to feel good! 


How can I break my addiction to sugar?

Breaking the addiction to sugar can be very difficult and for some, impossible!  However, it can be done by substituting your want / need for the feel good hormone Serotonin.  You can do this, and I am going to show you how to do it in the first two weeks of your Tahiti Trader Sugar Detox Plan.

 The Sugar Addiction Cycle 

You must first understand the sugar addiction cycle in order to break it…

  1. You eat sugar…you like the taste and the immediate serotonin release…feels good, just like Cocaine or Heroin.
  2. Your blood sugars rise dopamine is released; the body secretes insulin to bring down the dangerously high levels of sugar in your system.
  3. Your blood sugar falls fast…the release of insulin has stored the over abundance of sugars in your system…you want more sugar to get that feel good high again.
  4. Hunger Cravings due to low blood sugar level makes you hungry for more foods containing sugar to get that feel good high again… so the cycle repeats again.

Breaking the Sugar Addiction Cycle–This is the Secret!

Now that you understand how the sugar cycle works, it is time to break the cycle…FOREVER, by substituting a natural food (Tahiti Trader Noni juice-buy 2, Get 1 FREE plus Nopal Slim 32oz, Buy 2, Get 1 Free ) that when combined with other natural ingredients can help you beat the sugar addiction, and reverse the damage it can do, and the weight (fat) you have been carrying.

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Break Free in 2018!

We'd like to hear what you think or if you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below!


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