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One of Nature’s Most Powerful Stress-Busters

One of Nature’s Most Powerful Stress-Busters
Stress comes in many forms and many experiences.  The consequences from an ongoing experience of stressful events and reactions will ultimately take its toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. Our body actually has an extraordinary ability to adapt to stress. It is designed to return to a balanced state of wellbeing, called homeostasis. They're very special plants are known as adaptogens which are all to restore homeostasis and repair the damaging and debilitating effects from  stress. One exceptional adaptogenic plant is called Morinda citrifolia, better known as Noni. It has been proven effective in resolving a wide variety of stress-related disorders, including blood sugar imbalances, constipation, circulation, blood pressure, inflammation, ulcers, indigestion, weakened immunity, chronic fatigue and asthma.
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