Tahiti Trader
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Tahiti Trader Company was founded by
Larry Logsdon in 1999 to make premium
quality Noni Juices to the natural, specialty,
mass & drug markets worldwide.
With principal offices
located in Las Vegas, NV.

Tahiti Trader Company’s unique state of the art
manufacturing process, unwavering commitment to quality
and strong marketing support allowed it to achieve
unsurpassed growth and leadership position.

We offer branded and private label solutions to both

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domestic and international partners.

Tahiti Trader Company is the Super Fruit dietary
supplements category pioneer & leader, offering a
complete selection of Certified Pure and USDA
Certified Organic Noni, Pomegranate, Goji, Acai,
Mangosteen and Maqui juices all made from whole
fruit ingredients…not from concentrates.

Our products are super potent, with high activity,
great tasting formulas that far surpass all other
products on the market.

Our products are made from whole fruit ingredients
in small batches supervised by Larry Logsdon at our
facility allowing for maximum
quality control and supervision.
Tahiti Trader makes Premium Quality,
Highest Potency and Best Taste:

- Certified Pure (by 3rd party laboratory)
- USDA Certified Organic
- Premium Organic Fruit
- 100% pure fruit ingredients
- No preservatives, pesticides, additives, artificial
  colors or flavors
- Highest lab assayed levels of active ingredients
- Highest lab assayed ORAC ratings
- Highest lab assayed fruit content
- Low sugar – Great taste

Tahiti Trader Company is the brand of choice for
hundreds of national and regional retailers. Our
products are in national distribution with all major
natural and specialty wholesalers.
Tahiti Trader Company supports our retailers with
exciting and impactful merchandising solutions designed
to educate the consumer, increase store traffic
& stimulate product trial and purchase, generating
significant sales increases.